Silence #1

Do you know there is need to be silent(quiet) at some point in your life?

Sometimes you just need to seclude yourself from the world to rediscover yourself, to redirect your life and ways.

Just as COVID-19 made the whole world to forcefully quarantine themselves making themselves conscious of the deadly effect of the pandemic. The same applies to our personal and spiritual lives.

Have you actually, decided on your own to reflect on God’s word after listening to a preacher but you really don’t feel satisfied in your spirit? Yes I do that sometimes, and I noticed that it makes me even have a deeper revelation of whatever was released and shared.

The essence of silence is to reflect, meditate, to self discover who you truly are. It causes you to better think, it pops out new and explicit ideas beyond your imagine.

When you are silent, the Holy Spirit whispers to your spirit man. The Bible describes you as a tripartite being (Having a soul, spirit, that resides in your earthly body” there you go.

The Holy Spirit within you speaks to you with that still small voice and it is only in silence that you can hear him.

Have you noticed that as a writer even in the process of thinking of what to write about, most times silence helps you think and rethink and review these ideas in your head. Same applies to other professions.

The Bible makes mention of Jesus Christ always secluding himself from the crowd, even his disciples going up to the mountain to rediscover his purpose on earth by talking to God. Same with other prophets in the Bible (Moses, etc)

So I charge you to learn how to seclude yourself from the world even social media and think about your life, a change, something explicit and you will notice a gradual transformation in the way you see things in life.


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