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    Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it’s represented to be “Lovers Day”. What is love? Normally for some people love is just a feeling. But that’s absolutely true. Love is an action word. The good book says about LOVE, The most catchy part of it’s definition is the action that was done after the love…


    This article is written as a result of an inspiration from a sermon and will be backed up with biblical references. I would like to stay true to my niche, as you know this blog is a Christian motivational blog most of what I write here is usually backed with biblical references. Let me quickly…

  • SEED- GIFT of IDEAS The key to fruitfulness is to sow your own seed. Sometimes we need to come out of our little tents or hide outs of self-pity and complexity in order to see the incredible vision of the seed inside of us. In my last article I highlighted what seed-gift is all about…

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Shalom Japhet is a Bsc degree holder, a network marketer, an affiliate consultant, a Christian motivational blogger, content writer and creator, business enthusiast.

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